Little steps made so far...

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I am officially out of quarantine and am here to record some of my Korea milestones:

#1 After being dropped off at Suseo station on the day we're discharged, I had my first TADA ride, which turns out to be a very pleasant one even though the driver does not speak English at all.

#2 We almost got refused to stay at the hotel we booked on Agoda for we didn't have certain documents from the quarantine facilities. However, a front-desk lady solved the problem for us by directly calling our quarantine hotel and even got us photocopies of those required documents.

#3 We went to Myeongdong for money exchange by subway and didn't get lost during the transit.

#4 I contacted a real estate agent on Naver부동산 and successfully got us an officetel to stay for the next 3 months.

Some of the things that I'd like to try later on:

#1 Shop online using one of these local e-commerce apps

#2 Order food delivery using mobile apps

#3 Get a Kickgoing scooter/ Kakao mobility bike and ride around Pangyo

Hope everyone's enjoying life in Korea!     

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